Monday, July 25, 2011

Korean Cooking Videos on Youtube!

There are some wonderful videos demonstrating the art of cooking Korean food on Youtube. Here are some great channels in English:

1) Maangchi has the best videos for cooking Korean food in regards to accessiblity and ease of follow-through. She holds your hand gently as she guides you in the kitchen.

2) Aeri's Kitchen is also user-friendly with her simple, step-by-step instructions. Her vibrant palate and fresh presentation will appeal to many viewers.

3) PS8 is an online collaboration between O'ngo Food Communications, a company specializing in Korean cooking classes and food tours, and several Korea bloggers. The youtube channel features videos by Jia Choi, a Korean food consultant and writer, as well as other food professionals from O'ngo. She clearly explains the background behind each dish as well as the why's of how it is cooked.

4) K-Food Addict is by Chloe Lim, a Korean woman living in Australia. She was inspired to blog after seeing her friends enjoy Korean food very much. Her videos feature a few recipes from the blog, presenting each dish in a clear and friendly manner.

5) 506knot's Kitchen features recipes from around the world, but their video for japchae is a gem. This Korean dish is presented in very thorough detail. I look forward to seeing more Korean recipes on their channel.

6) Phoebe's Cafe is the channel of Phoebe Chung, a Korean woman living in Hong Kong. It features recipes from all over as well as those from her English language blog on Korean cooking, Phoebe's Kitchen. Her videos provide a quick and easy visual guide to Korean cooking.

7) Korean Cuisine is a channel created by Anna Kim, an elegant Korean mother. She presents classic Korean dishes with a refined touch.

8) 86jomiri or 86조미리 ('seasoning' in Korean) focuses on the preparation of Korean ingredients with a high level of precision.

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