Saturday, July 16, 2011

Korean Food on The Web

It can be very difficult to find well-organized, authoritative information about Korean food in English on the web. Doing a Yahoo search will only yield a few results. That's why it's important to search specific sites like and However, keep in mind that not all of the dishes presented are authentic. If you are new to Korean cuisine, a good guideline to follow is to search for blogs that are written by Koreans or those raised in a Korean household.

 is a great place to learn more about Korean food offering recipes, articles, and other resources for those interested in learning about Korean food. It is run by the the Korean Tourism Organization, so you know that it is a professional and credible source for information on Korean food.

The Taste of Korea: Hansik is also a great site run by the Korean Food Foundation offering similar resources to readers as well.

If you are able to read Korean, there are abundant sites you can search for recipes and information about Korean food. I would start at as it is a top Korean portal for recipes and know-how about Korean cuisine.

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