Sunday, July 17, 2011

Great Blogs to Introduce You to Korean Food

A great way to get your feet wet, or shall I say tongue ;), with Korean food is to read blogs written by Koreans who cook at home. Here are some great blogs to get you started on your journey with Korean food. They are ranked in order of ease/approachability for the beginner:

1) Bap Story - A really cute, step-by-step guide to homestyle Korean cooking by two LA-based Korean American women. Recipes are presented through pictures and text at every step. Very concise and straightforward explanations.

2) Take Thou Food is a blog that encompasses more than Korean food and dining, but the Korean articles are a good introduction for those new to Korean food. Sean, the blogger, was raised in Korea for at least part of his childhood and is now living in Athens, Georgia. He really explains the how and why of each dish as well as adding some of his personal experience on occasion.

3) Eating and Living: A Korean American Mom's Home Cooking is a blog written by a mother for her children as a way to pass down recipes. The author does a good job of explaining each recipe in a clear and concise manner while providing good background information. The recipes go beyond the standard fare of doenjang chigae and galbi that most non-Korean diners are familiar with. She has recipes for Korean-style shrimp salad with mustard dressing and Korean spicy stir-fried squid, etc. She shares a lot of interesting news about Korean food as well.

4) Migi's Kitchen is another site that offers a great intro to Korean food. The recipes do not usually require a lot of ingredients, but are presented elegantly.

5) Maangchi is the most famous Korean food blogger on the web. Her recipes are simple and very approachable for those new to Korean cuisine. Each recipe is accompanied by a video which shows Maangchi cooking the dish step-by-step. She offers a good array of Korean recipes as well as abundant resources for ingredients, classes, and information through her site. There is a forum as well that provides readers with the opportunity to share their own recipes as well as ask questions about Korean food and cooking in general.

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