Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking for Korean Language Blogs?

There are a wide variety of blogs on the web focusing on Korean food. Some of them are in English, but the great majority are in Korean. That is why I recommend that you seek out Korean language blogs in addition to the English blogs you may visit. 

Naver's Opencast enables you to get a look at the type of foods presented on various blogs. Each search result is represented as a card with a set of images displayed on that blog. Each card gives you a general feel for the blogger's style and palate regarding food. 

I have already introduced Naver KitchenNaver's Recipe SmartFinder (here), Daum Mizcook, and Rimi ( on previous posts. You may also search these sites for blogs by entering the name of a specific food/recipe/ingredient in the search box. 

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Looking for a Recipe by Ingredient?

There is a new feature on Naver, a Korean search engine, that enables you to find recipes by ingredient. It is called the "Recipe SmartFinder" ("레시피 스마트파인더") and allows you to search recipes by clicking on the ingredient. For example, if you want to find a chicken recipe, just click on "닭고기" (chicken) and on the right pane, a gallery of chicken recipes will appear. You can further narrow your search by clicking on other ingredients that you want to include such as potatoes. Just click on "감자" (potatoes) and a gallery of recipes with chicken and potatoes will appear. You can continue this process if you wish, further narrowing down your search, by clicking on additional ingredients. At any time, you may remove an ingredient by clicking on it again or the 'x' next to it. Once you have selected the ingredients you want to include, you may click on any recipe in the search results to view it.

You may also search recipes by ingredient on Daum Mizcook and Rimi's Recipe Finder ( by entering ingredients into the search box.

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