Thursday, July 21, 2011

Learning More About the History of Korean Food on The Web

A great way to learn more about the history of Korean food is through an online resource like the "Food" section of This site has a listing of standard Korean recipes, each accompanied by a photo and brief description of how and when the dish is traditionally eaten in Korea.

"The Taste of Korea" website has an "Articles" section that offers greater background into the cultural background and preparation of Korean food. I would start with the "Overview of Korean Food" and then, proceed from the "Food Culture" section to the "Hansik Storytelling" section for more in-depth articles about the history and cultural meaning of each dish. "The Taste of Korea" website is run by the Korean Food Foundation, an organization supported and established by the Korean government to promote Korean food, so there is a greater emphasis on content regarding food preparation although it touches upon Korean culture, especially in the "Hansik Storytelling" section.

If you would like a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural context of Korean food, I would visit the "Food" section of the "Visit Korea" website run by the Korean Tourism Organization. I would focus on the "Introduction", "What to Eat", and "Special Features" sections. Start with the "What to Eat" section as it gives a good, concise overview of the different types of Korean food eaten, divided into the categories of meals, traditional liquors/wines, traditional teas, and popular snacks. The "Introduction" starts with the basis of Korean food, spices, and extends to an explanation of the different types of Korean dishes eaten as main dishes or desserts and in Korean royal cuisine. There is also a section on table settings/manners when eating Korean food. The "Special Features" has a "Korean Food Culture Series" that goes into greater detail about the cultural and historical background of Korean food, especially in parts 4-8, but not so much in the first three articles. There is some overlap in content with "The Taste of Korea" website as both are supported by the Korean government. But they are significantly different in their emphasis, one on food preparation, the other on culture/history, so I would visit both.

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