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Blogs on the Seoul Food Scene

SeoulFood is a blog that covers what to do and where to eat in Seoul. Written by two Korean Americans, it features great photographs and reviews of restaurants and cafes in Seoul with an emphasis on comfort food/homestyle cuisine. The writers really give you a sense of the food and ambiance through the sumptuous photography and lucid commentary. (Updated April 25, 2012: Although no longer updated, it is a great resource for learning more about Korean restaurants and food. The main writer Dustin Cole is currently working for Seoul Eats listed below.)

Seoulfoodgirl is a blog geared toward the traveler in Seoul. Marie, a San Diego native, writes about her food/dining experiences in Korea. There is a lot of information for the traveler as she writes in-depth about the service, ambiance, and menu as well as practical information like pricing and directions.

Balwoo Korean Temple Cuisine: Dodeok Salad with Citron Dressing (Seoul Eats)

Seoul Eats is a blog written by a number of writers, including Dustin Cole and Daniel Gray of O'ngo Communications, a company founded by Korean food writer and consultant Jia Choi, that specializes in Korean cooking classes and food tours. It is an all-around guide for restaurants, cafes, etc. It features a lot of interesting food events as well and is a good resource for learning more about Korean food culture.

Korean-Vietnamese Food in Seoul from Boy.Girl.Seoul.Food

Boy.Girl.Seoul.Food. is a blog written by a German couple living in Seoul. The woman is Vietnamese, but not much is said about the "Boy". They both contribute to each review in a "he said/she said" format. The blog covers all kinds of restaurants from burgers, ramen, and bbq to various cuisines like Indian, Italian, American, and, of course, Korean.

FoodQuest is a great blog focusing on the street food, snacks, and desserts in Seoul and other places. "FoodQuest is about my global search for funny, strange, cute, smelly, and most of all, delicious snacks." The author, Sora, a Korean-Hungarian Canadian, writes in a very approachable manner, explaining the nature of each dish and how it is prepared and eaten.

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  1. Thanks for the link I love your website! Especially your high quality photos!

    -Marie at and www.seoulfoodgirl

  2. Thanks for the comment, but I can't really take credit for the photos YET as they are from other sources.

  3. thanks for the post on my food blog--these are all great blogs!


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