Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Great Primers on Korean Food - Blogs

These blogs really help you understand the fundamentals of standard Korean recipes:

1. Trifood is a great guide to understanding the basic ingredients and preparation of some common Korean dishes as well as how they are served.

2. Home Cooking Diary is a quick and simple guide to a wide range of standard Korean recipes. Written by Peter Park, a Korean American attorney, it provides a very easy-to-follow guide to preparing many common Korean foods.

3. Anna's Korean Kitchen Diary is written by Anna, a Korean American woman living in Baltimore, Maryland who sources recipes from her mother, Young, and sometimes, her aunts. Her user-friendly blog is a greater primer on the in's and out's of Korean cooking, telling you how to prepare and handle ingredients commonly used in Korean recipes.

4. Tasty Meals at Home is the collaboration of a Korean/Taiwanese couple. Although not strictly a Korean food blog, it does provide a good number of Korean recipes that are easy to make.

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