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Why Do You Love Korean Food?

I know that I love Korean food because it reflects the culture I was partly raised in as well as the traditions of my family. Korean food is much more than something delicious to eat or beautiful to look at. It is sustenance for the body and soul. It is food for the heart. 

A while back, I came across an article in Danmee (단미), an online women's magazine published by The Chosun Ilbo, a major Korean daily. It is titled "Our Hansik, Food That We Can't Help But Love". 'Hansik' refers to traditional Korean food. 

Here is a translation of part of that article:

What I Think of Hansik. Korean Food to Me is . . . 

"Korean food is home meals. Because it is what my mom makes for me everyday."
 Kim Min-Kyung (student), 18
"Korean food is jeong (the Korean sense of deep emotional attachment). Because it tastes best when eaten surrounded by family."
 Jung Ji-Young (homemaker), 33

"Hansik is food to be shared."
 Goeng Sang-Yeon (office worker), 32

"Korean food is rice. Because without rice, the table cannot be set."
Kim Ho-Jin (office worker), 40
"Korean food is dwaenjang jjigae (bean paste stew). That is my favorite Korean dish."
 Kim Jeong-Jin (office worker), 40
"Korean food is analogue. Prepared without the true and proper spirit, it does not taste good."
 Shin Hye-Jin (food stylist), 29

"It is the aesthetics of waiting (the philosophical study of the beauty of waiting). When I hear Korean food, what comes to mind is kimchi, dwaenjang, gochujang (red pepper paste) . . . They are all foods made through waiting." 
Kim Ji-Yeon (grad student), 27
"Korean food is kimchi. Because it is the food I think of most when I am abroad."
Noh Jeong-Taek (student studying abroad), 30
"Korean food is the taste the comes from the skill of one's hands. Even if the ingredients are the same, the taste changes according to the person making it."
Kang Shin-Yune (business owner), 55

"Korean food is soul food. Because it comforts you when you are lonely or having a hard time."
 Kim Jeong-Eun (homemaker), 44

"Korean food is one's hometown. One can enjoy it cushily and comfortably like one's hometown." 
 Yune-Mie (Yeoseong Chosun reporter), 26
"Korean food is etiquette. Etiquette is necessary, of course, when picking up and laying down a spoon and chopsticks and also when eating."
 Ie Han-Kyung (homemaker), 53

Why do you love Korean food?
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