Thursday, December 29, 2011

Looking for Korean Language Blogs?

There are a wide variety of blogs on the web focusing on Korean food. Some of them are in English, but the great majority are in Korean. That is why I recommend that you seek out Korean language blogs in addition to the English blogs you may visit. 

Naver's Opencast enables you to get a look at the type of foods presented on various blogs. Each search result is represented as a card with a set of images displayed on that blog. Each card gives you a general feel for the blogger's style and palate regarding food. 

I have already introduced Naver KitchenNaver's Recipe SmartFinder (here), Daum Mizcook, and Rimi ( on previous posts. You may also search these sites for blogs by entering the name of a specific food/recipe/ingredient in the search box. 

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