Sunday, May 6, 2012

Making Tteokpokki from Scratch

Here are some ingredient recipes if you would like to make tteokpokki from scratch:

The simplest recipe for making tteokbokki tteok from scratch
If you prefer sleek cylinders, you may shape your dough using cannoli 
or other tube molds and cut the dough to your desired length. 

Anchovy-Dashima Stock via cHow Divine

For flat fish cakes, you may try slightly baking or frying the mixture after rolling it into a flat sheet to get a solid texture before cooking in tteokpokki sauce. 

Here are some additional recipes for making tteokbokki:

Two chefs present Goongjoong (Royal Court) and Spicy Tteokpokki 

with a little background information about tteok and the dishes presented
The Goongjoong Tteokpokki has beef, eggs, and assorted vegetables.
The spicy version has boiled eggs and fish cakes.

Kochujang Tteokpokki with Fish Cakes via KFoodAddict (written recipe)
Adding cheese for a fusion option

For more tteokpokki recipes and a background on the dish, you may refer to the post Tteokpokki (Revised May 8, 2012).

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